Auditorium & Library

The a multifunctional building is a Cultural Centre containing both a 1,000 seat multifunctional theatre with fly-tower and full backstage support, and two 200-seat auditoria. Separate entrances and foyers are provided for theatre and cinema respectively, however the foyers and circulation are designed so that they can be combined depending on operational preferences.

Complete structural separation between the theatre and the cinemas ensures optimal noise isolation for the theatre space, which is designed as a first-class, flexible hall with seating on two levels and optimal sight lines and adjustable acoustics. A flexible proscenium type stage with side stages and fly-tower accommodates movable acoustical towers used to close down the stage volume for concerts and operatic theatre, but can be easily moved for theatre, musicals and other staged events. The stage includes a fore -stage lift that can provide additional seating, an orchestra pit or stage extension as preferred. Horizontally tracking curtains along the walls of the audience chamber can be hidden or deployed to adjust the acoustics of the space.

Media, technology, entertainment and leisure are merged in an open-architecture of changeable and tailored event experiences. The result is a responsive and changing space of flows acting as an urban catalyst for cultural exchange and transformation.