Homes that stand out from the crowd

Orchid Residence

This 42-terrace homes (194 sqm each) development provides a range of living typologies as an alternative for the typical suburban house stock. The focal point of the design is to provide a new approach to suburban living, emphasizing on high-quality architectural aesthetics and carefully designed green spaces catering for a highly integrated community living. The Orchid Residence should cater to young families and young couples which will help to create a truly diverse community. Proposed typologies aim to set a precedent for high-quality medium density housing within an established vibrant growing community.

Connecting the interiors to the landscaped gardens, the terrace homes are design with generous open plan living areas that flow to shaded outdoor terraces that celebrate the local coastal environment. A sophisticated palette of robust materials (concrete, stucco walls, tumbled stone, textural plaster and warm timber cladding) is proposed that is suitable for both climate and local context providing a sense of connection without conformity blending with the existing built environment as well as contrasting against the boring whites of the surrounding constructions. Cross-ventilation and well shaded, deep protected living spaces allow occupants to take advantage of the subtropical context of the site with a deliberate emphasis on ground floor living and connection to the outdoors designed for the place.