Forever catching trains

Repubblica Metro Station

The Repubblica Metro Station is a creative, monumental civic design that will become the most prominent node for the Florence’s Metro. Located in the historical heart of the city, where was the roman “forum Urbis”, it has the ambition to become a new symbol of modernity and an attractive space easily recognizable in terms of function and circulation.

The station is characterized by a “multimedia cube” placed above the entrance’s system. Such monumental element, visible from each side of the square, allows to create a dynamic and a charming urban scenery, unusual for a place so loaded of historical and symbolical references. The “box” is conceived as a technological “focal point” that works as a 360 degrees multimedia informative screen as well as a high-tech “producer” of natural light that diffuses the natural light till the train platform (–25 m) through a mechanical system of reflective panels. This is possible thanks a “distributive shaft” that, in addition to house the lifts, encloses a sequence of spaced-out glass intermediate floors. It acts as a system of “lobbies” able to accompany the users to the subsoil as well as creating an unusual and fascinating experience.

The access to the station is organized by two mechanical “glass shells” that open-up (during the operation), Such elements celebrate both the place as technological infrastructure as well as the spectacularity of an urban space of strong attraction for the tourists. These “shells” work also as the entrance to an underground museum connected to the station, where it is possible to visit the archaeological findings that inevitably will come to light during the excavation’s works.