My favourite journey is looking out the window

Tram Stop

The tram stop is a connecting hub for passengers and architecturally significant to the urban fabric of the city, built with all subtleties of modernity. Besides, it is an opportunity to give back to the city a space that had been taken from it; transform a parking in a public square. Over this area, two glazed wings (33 meters long, 3.3 meters wide and 2.5 meters high) create a floating emptiness slightly above the travelers’ heads in a scale closer to the tram than to the street furniture. The tram line will be 13 km with 29 stops,

The two lightweight, slim, elegantly V-shaped canopies are supported by a steel structure made by four columns built-in (at a distance of 7.5 m) and a beam. The central area in each platform is designed for the comfort of users: a climatized waiting room, comfortable outdoor seats and totems that include an automatic ticketing distributors and transport real-time information  

The lighting is designed for comfort, operating by automatically controlled sensors that capture changes in daylight to maintain illumination constant and further contribute to reducing energy consumption. At night, the lights further contribute in highlighting the clear design lines of the high-strength, lightweight. The material translates itself into pure and simple dynamic forms that creates a secure atmosphere.