Inside the open is a research and creative agency committed to generate a socially and environmentally responsible practice through innovative architectural thinking and design.

  • We strongly believe in the power of design and architecture thinking understood and practiced as “joining the dots” through specific projects, giving added value and creating comfort no matter the scale, the budget or the conditions.
  • We are identity providers giving a new sense to space and locality by attending deep rooted cultural values and respecting existing contexts, while maintaining and making use of architecture disciplinary values and challenges such as theory, history and critical positioning.
  • We believe in the power of a highly collaborative design approach that brings architecture and nature together.

The agency’s diverse working scope ranges across interior design and architectural, planning and urban design, research, policy, exhibition, writing, education and public dialogue. Each project is a focused exploration of architecture’s powerful capacity to positively contribute to our cultural and physical environment. A significant number of our projects are in very sensitive locations, unique landscapes or important historic settings. It is our vision to deliver projects that transcend expectations of the client and the end-user.