Works : Leisure & Sports

Whether designing a clubhouse or a sport centre, we apply a rigorous approach to design, taking account of the total environment and the impact made. We consider the building’s architecture and how visitors will respond and interact with it. Our interdisciplinary holistic design approach integrates all aspects of landscape architecture, architecture and interior design to maximise client value and end user satisfaction.

– We engage with stakeholders and build strong relationships with our clients to help them achieve their vision, creating vibrant and engaging spaces that meet the needs of local communities and visitors.
– We understand the importance of brand. Our specialist interiors team works closely with each client to understand its identity and sympathetically integrate its brand into the design.

For us a community is really important, thus we emphatically understand this and bring our design knowledge to community and sporting projects. We acknowledge sports design never stands still. New technologies and emerging trends within the sporting industry mean design needs are continuously evolving. We are agile and stay up to date with the latest in sports.

Cubo’ Fitness Club

A world of health under one roof

Freedom Fitness Clubhouse

Body Temple Health and Wellness

“The Leaf” Water Centre

Live for the water