Works : Public & Cultural

We design highly-engaging education and community spaces including schools, libraries, auditoriums, museums, and community and conference centres. These are rich places of learning, that are stimulating and reflect the different values of your community. Our experienced team are experts in both new builds and adaptable re-use projects, helping you regenerate existing building stock and make the most of your education and community assets.

We appreciate the provision of good community facilities is often essential to provide the physical framework for community building and engagement in both regeneration and new build schemes. Integration is an emerging trend, and many community facilities often combine a range of complementary functions and facilities such as healthcare, libraries and leisure to ensure they are viable.

We develop cultural venues as unique, identity-creating generators for people and cities, giving people the opportunity to experience the unexpected. In our work we have seen how the venues can also generate growth in urban areas struggling with economic slowdowns or poor urban planning. At its core, every cultural building must create both an optimal environment for performance and display and also be a place where the community can come together.

Makenna Learning Centre

Brick by Brick

The 2M2C (MultiMedia & CulturalCentre)

One World, Many Culture