Blade House

Making cozy affordable

Casa Brama’

Reviving the past with a modern touch

ZZ Headquarter -Zenith Zone

Inspiring Creativity, Driving Success

“Mille Sapori” Bistro

Where every flavor tells a story

Oasis of the Nomads

Everyone is Welcome Here

“The Yard”: Tree & Coffee

Full of plants and vibes

Makenna Learning Centre

Brick by Brick

Red Elephants Safari Lodge

Nature from within

Lumiere Terrace

Supreme Residence for a Modern Lifestyle

Emma House

A tranquil tropical hideaway

Nguyên Phan Villa

Designed for natural living

CityLife Shophouse

A New Wave of Living

Grand Mosque of Nusantara

Praying is a perfect peace

Botanic & Cultural Village

Green & Blue signature

“The Pedestal” Complex

Where the city is your backyard

Al Noor Masjid

Unity in Light, Peace in Prayer

Upper Hill Villas

A mark of distinction

Zeb_Tec Headquarter

Company culture

The 2M2C (MultiMedia & CulturalCentre)

One World, Many Culture

Cubo’ Fitness Club

A world of health under one roof

Freedom Fitness Clubhouse

Body Temple Health and Wellness

Durant Street Station & Square

Within the spiral space

Transportation Centre Mobility Centre

Transit made easy

“The Leaf” Water Centre

Live for the water