ZZ Headquarter -Zenith Zone

Inspiring Creativity, Driving Success

“The Yard”: Tree & Coffee

Full of plants and vibes

Makenna Learning Centre

Brick by Brick

Red Elephants Safari Lodge

Nature from within

Emma House

A tranquil tropical hideaway

Nguyen Phan Villa

Designed for natural living

Botanic & Cultural Village

Green & Blue signature

“The Pedestal” Complex

Where the city is your backyard

Upper Hill Villas

A mark of distinction

Zeb_Tec Headquarter

Company culture

The 2M2C (MultiMedia & CulturalCentre)

One World, Many Culture

Cubo’ Fitness Club

A world of health under one roof

Freedom Fitness Clubhouse

Body Temple Health and Wellness

Durant Street Station & Square

Within the spiral space

Transportation Centre Mobility Centre

Transit made easy

“The Leaf” Water Centre

Live for the water


The minimalistic look for the modern mind

Interchange Terminal

You can take the seat of your choice


Playful, modern, and inspirational

“The Olive Tree” Landscape Hotel

One place, another world

St. Mary’s Parish Church – Peace Garden

A place where everyone joins together

“One-Plus” Apartments

Landmark Living on The Avenue

Orchid Residence

Homes that stand out from the crowd

“T-31” Residential Tower

Beauty, Passion, Breathtaking Apartments