Works : Places Of Worship & Associated Services

Places of worship have a fantastic ability to move and motivate people. People look to them in times of peace, in times of celebration and in times of reconciliation — they are buildings that breathe history and embody the whole gamut of human life.

Designing places of worship requires a great deal of sensitivity and insight. A single building may be required to deliver different forms of worship, even on the same day, ranging from traditional liturgical services through to contemporary forms of worship with multimedia capabilities. We understand that the building needs to enhance the spiritual experience, rituals and religious identity of the congregation as well as support the sense of community.

As community facilities, performance venues, visitor attractions and education centres, these buildings must evolve and adapt to changing requirements; from ensuring their sustainable longevity through to increasing accessibility. Therefore, our design takes care to all aspects of planning to help create a space that will be function, flexible, comfortable environments that inspire spiritual reflection.

Oasis of the Nomads

Everyone is Welcome Here

Grand Mosque of Nusantara

Praying is a perfect peace

Al Noor Masjid

Unity in Light, Peace in Prayer

St. Mary’s Parish Church – Peace Garden

A place where everyone joins together

The Chamber of Memory

Seek eternity

Panteón Familiar

Permanence of Memory