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Interchange Terminal

This proposal focuses to rebuild the existing Bruneck Train Station, providing a spectacular centre of transportation where flow together regional, national, international and high-speed trains, regional bussing and tourist coaches into a single node of mobility. Besides this infrastructure incorporates a bus terminal with enclosed hangar (depot, bus maintenance and repair facility) an underground carpark. The plan includes 20.000m3 reserved for residential, commercial, and tertiary uses and 24.000 m3 of common facilities for users, tourists, and people living and working in the surrounding areas. The redevelopment includes also a modernised bus terminal, new access roads, plenty of parking for bicycles and pedestrian subway to the platforms. The passengers building includes a ticket-information office, a waiting room, F&B facilities and toilets.

Located in proximity to the railroad tracks and the bus departure islands, it is easily recognisable as a light architecture accessible from each direction. Elements of interest are the two elevated “living bridges”, where are located the retail spaces, and the big floating “glass bubble” above the platforms that houses a panoramic restaurant. This venue emerges as strong component of integration between the city and the new infrastructure, celebrating, at the same time, the place of transit and the palace of arriving.