Designed for natural living

Nguyên Phan Villa

The project site involves an old country house, built in the 50s in the last century. The existing farmhand’s cottage has been restored and extended. From the exterior to the interior, the main color of the house is white (plaster), gray (concreate) and wood brings warmth and sophistication. Large glass surfaces create a comfortable feeling. Solid wood surfaces are used not only to create privacy and safety for the apartment, but also create an interesting experience of light and shadow for the house when the sun shines on every hour of the day.

On the ground floor, the living room and kitchen share a common space, bypassing the dividing wall to free up space. The living room connects the garden and swimming pool to expand the space. On this level there is a bedroom for the parents of the owner. The bedrooms (master room and kid’s room) position on second floor also receives enough natural light, thanks to large openings made of glass and wood surfaces, allowing light to spread throughout the space. The interior has brown wood tone as the main theme, with dining tables and chairs are arranged between kitchen island and seating space.