One place, another world

“The Olive Tree” Landscape Hotel

The “Olive tree” is a cultural-landscape-hotel located on a natural hill above an ancient village with a view over the valley. The original idea from the clint was to create both a new platform for marketing the local agricultural products and a unique retreat to experience the surrounding landscape. Thanks to the topography characterized by the existing olive tree terraces, that allows a layout where no room looks at another, every room gets its own surprising view of a dramatic piece of landscape, always changing with the weather and the time of the day and the season. Although the extension of the facility is carefully adapted to the topography, it creates new landscape accents through its formal language and fits in well with the owner’s overall concept.

The complex contains 21 rooms – that range from doubles to large suites with private jacuzzi and saunas – and a number of shared facilities including: the reception, a bar, a restaurant, a multifunctional venue and a clubhouse; all of which have been positioned with views of the valley. Each hotel room is conceived as a cabin that slides out of the terrain in a simple shape. All of them are accessed via a footpath that adapts to the shape of the hill.

All constructions in the ground are made of concrete. Such material is exposed both externally and internally with its intrinsic characteristic wood boards formwork texture that forms a harmonious contrast to the surroundings and creates a strong contrast to the high-quality finish of the wooden floors and the minimal furniture inside the rooms.