One World, Many Culture

The 2M2C (MultiMedia & CulturalCentre)

Built on the site of a former industrial area of the city, the 2M2C is a multifunctional complex that brings added value to the district, which is being radically overhauled, improving the social and cultural life of people in this area. Cultural Centre expresses the ambitions of an attractive and vibrant media library, offering a variety of activities and events; a place where the public can stroll amongst the bookshelves as well as see exhibitions, attend a conference or a performance. 

The project comprises a multimedia library, a children library, a 420-seat auditorium with backstage, a performing studio, a multipurpose area (group studio, activity and workshop rooms), an exhibition space, administration area (offices, meeting and training rooms), a café/bar, an underground parking (170 cars) and a bicycle storage. Separate entrances and foyers are provided for the auditorium and the library’s services respectively, however the foyers and circulation are designed so that they can be combined depending on operational preferences. 

A two-levels high glass facade marks both the entrances to the building and the main hall open to the new L-shaped square. This exposes the library to the square and gives it a prominence that catches visitors’ eyes and provides access into the building where activities inside are visible.