Unity in Light, Peace in Prayer

Al Noor Masjid

The mosque’s 35-by-35-meter footprint offers a harmonious balance of form and function. At its heart is the main praying hall, a space featuring a unique roofing design of 21 vertical cylinders, each 6 meters in diameter. These cylinders, with varied heights and placements, create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, invoking celestial beauty. The cylinders are organized across three levels. Encircling the main hall, the first level has 16 cylinders above ground, forming a protective ring. Above them, 8 cylinders add an architectural gesture that finds its completion with a single cylinder that stands at the pinnacle, symbolizing the divine. Constructed from reinforced concrete, the cylinders’ exteriors are robust, while their interiors vary. The first set’s intrados are plastered for a clean look. The second set features intricate mosaics, reflecting Islamic artistry, and the central cylinder is adorned with luxurious gold, adding opulence.

“Al Noor Masjid” means “The Mosque of Light,” beautifully reflects the innovative design elements and the serene, filtered light that characterizes the space, symbolizing both spiritual enlightenment and architectural brilliance. In fact, this mosque with its innovative use of space, light, and materials, stands as a testament to modern architectural ingenuity while honoring Islamic worship traditions. It is a beacon of spiritual and communal harmony, inviting all to find solace and inspiration within its walls. The main entrance faces a lush public garden, inviting the community into a place of peace and reflection, with separate entrances for women ensuring privacy. A mezzanine level above the main hall, illuminated by the west row of cylinders, provides a serene space for women to pray. This design ensures inclusivity and sanctity. The complex has an internal garden surrounded by a graceful arcade with arches enhancing the mosque’s grandeur, emphasized by two monumental minimalist minarets at the edges.