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St. Mary’s Parish Church – Peace Garden

The church was founded in 1886 and has had a long history. Since then, the church has gone through tremendous waves of great earthquakes. The temple is located on a lot of approximately 3,200 sqm of which 1,265 sqm of construction on two levels. The plot around the church is designed as the Peace Garden in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake occurred in October 2013 that caused the death of more than 200 victims, the injury of almost 1000 people and the destruction of more than 14,500 constructions.

St. Mary Church is conceived as a space where natural light is an essential part of the architecture. The structure works as a unity of the columns, walls, beams and slabs. They remain as bare and heavy elements and are constantly repeated generating a rhythm of solids and voids that allow natural light to play its role as a protagonist. The ground floor level is the space of the main nave with a capacity for approximately 360 parishioners. This space is reached from a new square that faces the street. The main access is on this esplanade; it has a glazed façade with the framed main access made by a revolving bronze door.