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“Mille Sapori” Bistro

This project is the first design phase of a programme of three steps: a new fusion bistro, the upgrade of an existing 24-room boutique hotel and the extension of the restaurant with the addition of a new level. The complex is located at the “heart” of the busy island’s touristic area. It is placed in front of the hotel on a relevant area of the same property. The access is from the main road as well as from the back side through an open-air walkway, in order to facilitate the direct access of the hotel guests. The main entrance is recessed to welcome the customers gently into the bistro. The restaurant serves breakfasts in the morning, local food specialties in the daytime and fusion cuisine in the evening. The kitchen has been obtained from an adjacent existing room of the hotel while an oven, exposed in the dining hall, bakes bread and pizza.

A long timber counter, set on a fair-face concrete volume, is the main interior decor element. The dining space, inspired by the renowned “Italian fine dining”, is just 2.7m high with exposed wood acoustic ceiling. It serves up to 55 guests with a la carte menu. The experience of the space and the design is a combination of “domestic” atmosphere made by functional and modern furniture, warm in color. The structure is in steel frame. while the façades are in glass, block-wall and (temporary) brick screens on the current roof.