Full of plants and vibes

“The Yard”: Tree & Coffee

This concept is the pilot project for the first flagship coffee shop of one of the most emerging leading coffees brand in Vietnam. As a prototype of a long chain, that it is going to be developed around the country, this first coffeeshop has the ambition in the near future to bring the Vietnamize coffee tradition abroad. This location is set to become a new point meeting, an inspiring space in which guests can expertise a warm and cozy atmosphere that plays on the contrast of light and shadow in a scenic case, given by the transparency of the main facade of the building.

The venue is developed on two levels. At the ground floor is the service and welcoming functions with a long (U-shape) counter, located at the back of the room, that dominates the space. A folding glass wall connects this space with a conservatory lounge, an ideal setting – conceded as a glass garden – to catch up with friends, experiencing hot and cold drinks as well as playing table games. The natural light floods the space and guides in the double-height lounge at the elevated floor that welcomes guests in an atmosphere of metropolitan style. Different types of tables and sittings, arranged on both levels, make the location extremely pleasant and enjoyable. The color palette is dictated by the main materials, fair-faced concrete, wood and bronze, that recall the coffee beans. They determine a great match between the walls, columns, false ceilings and furniture. Each element, from the arrangement of the counter to the choice of seating, and each lighting fixture, is the result of extensive studies, designed to create an experience more than a simple space.