Seek eternity

The Chamber of Memory

The concept behind this small but challenging project was the creation of a simple, restrained and minimalistic architectural object that, apart from containing the basic program presented by the client (capacity for 8 coffins), playing in a dignified way its role as a “tribute to the memory” and integrating itself in the cemetery, it would use the moment of its quiet contemplation as a “transmission space” for transcendental between the “living” and “missing” ones.

The tomb is conceived as an open space with a central “stone” a monolithic bench for ceremonies, visits and meditation. minimizing any decorative apparatus to emphasize the meaning and value of the expressive elements present. The new funerary chapel opens towards the sky, towards the branches of the trees planted outside the cemetery. A device to tell the passing of time.

The chapel is a simple volume, generated but the interlocking of two boxes: a clean glossy eternal case treated with white plaster, and an inner one made by concrete, in clear contrast and material dichotomy between the “shell” and its “content”. The visual movements between these two elements generate a sense of lightness that appears to levitate quietly over the ground.