Live for the water

“The Leaf” Water Centre

Spread across 2500 m², the aquatic leisure complex is comprised of a broad range of programs: a hall with two indoor pools (a competition pool and an instruction pool), two bacins (a leisure pool and a combipool), a clubhouse with well-being center, gym and yoga centre. This combination of functions and activities creates a vibrant accommodation during both day and night. The functional layout and routing enables users to share many central functions but also gives them the opportunity to retreat to their own club atmosphere and activities.

The sporting facility stands in the pivotal area between a new neighborhood and important urban transformations underway. The urban character of the facility was an important consideration in its architectural design. Here, the aim was to provide the necessarily private aspect of recreational aquatic activities, without limiting the pleasure of the light associated with the pleasure of water. In fact, the sports complex is open, visible, and welcoming. The new aquatic leisure complex is able to meet the needs of the public throughout the year, and thus adapt the sports and leisure offer according to the season. The notion of a seasonal program is important in the project because the facility will be used by everyone, all year long.