Where the city is your backyard

“The Pedestal” Complex

The project combines office and retail space to address a growing demand for creative offices in town, where an influx of entertainment and technology firms are seeking Class-A space in a tight market. This proposal will bring over 2200 sqm of office use, 900 sqm of shops, 600 sqm of F&B and a total of 150 parking spaces via below-grade parking.

The complex is located on a narrow plot that originally was occupied by a factory. In this urban context, the new building is conceived to fit in with the nearby existing architecture but also reveal its own characteristic appearance. The design’s signature element is a building inside another one. For pedestrians, the double-height transparent commercial space of the inner building is immediately visible from the main street. At this level a coffee-bar is facing a new square behind the building. Above, the design provides for a small glass tower with office functions and a roof terrace, offering views towards the city. Each office is spacious and bright with visual connections to the city. The restaurant at the roof terrace accommodates indoor and outdoor dining for lunch and dinner. This project was conceived using affordable materials and parts of an existing building to keep project costs down.