Company culture

Zeb_Tec Headquarter

Zeb-Nic Office is a 11-floors office building located in the suburban area of Manila. The building is surrounded by a low-density residential area with plenty of open space. The complex can be divided into five sections: the basements with parking area, mechanical room, and other service functions. the reception area and a multifunctional hall at the ground level, the core, the flexible open planning office and the semi-outdoor transition area between them.

The core section of the building consisted of stairs, elevators, WC, and MEP room lined up along the western side of the building. The semi-outdoor section located between the core section and the office consisted of a common area, The office section consisted of a flexible open planning workspace. At the center of this area are meeting rooms, photocopy and storage room for ease of access.

To achieve an energy-efficient building vertical wood-texture fins facade reduce glare from direct sunlight, eliminating the need for additional interior blinds. Besides, the semi-outdoor atrium connected facilitates passive ventilation and stack effect while provides a relaxing common area for users.