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ZZ Headquarter -Zenith Zone

Law and regulations in relation to the site’s shape and height restrictions required for this building to take a narrow, low, and long shape. The horizontally long volume has three functions: The head area, that establishes a relationship with the city has the outdoor terrace; the body area, that performs everyday functions has the office; and the tail area, that has the management area. 

The ground floor features a large lobby with the reception and the waiting area for the guests. It is a space for hospitality, furnished with comfortable armchairs and artworks. The lobby is directly connected to the basement, that houses storage and archive facilities, and an overground parking for 16 cars. The first floor is where the office area (open space) is located. This level includes also a pantry with dining room, a gym and a sheltered outdoor lounge area, used for the staff. Although it would seem that this inner court is empty, but in fact, it is the key space of this building with great possibilities: enjoying a cup of tea/coffee or the lunch (during the working break), embodying the skies and the surrounding views.  The second floor houses the meeting and training rooms, a balcony, the marketing and accountant department, the administrative office and the CEO’s room.