Playful, modern, and inspirational


The basis of B(ox)-House is focused on exploring the purity of the cube, and in a poetic and architectural paradox of the simple and pure shape, brings out all the lustiness of an apparent metal box. The owner, a known businessman of the entrainment industry, asked for a distinctive weekend home with utter privacy and lots of natural outdoor spaces.

The building has a simple, monolithic appearance that combines minimalism and utilitarian design. The volume, cladded by aluminum panels that give the structure an industrial feel, is made by a cube of 8mx8mx8m, standing in a secluded area of 1000sqm. Stepping inside, one discovers a warm living space. Wooden floor and white walls contrast the urban character of the exterior.

On the eastern elevation a two-levels window floods both the kitchen and dining room area (ground floor) as well as the master room (first floor) with natural light. It also links both spaces with nature, framing the landscape of the private park. Minimal furniture maintains the clean design of the dwelling, making the compact cube home design feel more spacious at the same time.