Landmark Living on The Avenue

“One-Plus” Apartments

The program consists of three apartments over three levels plus a penthouse. On the ground floor are the lobby, a swim spa with whirlpool, a boutique gym, a parking for eight cars, a storage area and a plant room, Entering the premises happens through a personal interlock system after scanning a QR code that is generated from a specially developed app. Such an innovative and hi-tech concept is something new for the local market, which makes the residence one of a kind for the region.

This residential project emerges as a single, dynamic volume that integrates massiveness and transparency due to the alternation between solid walls, large windows and loggias. The use of concrete, stone and plaster has been chosen for create a dynamic, sober and elegant building in a neighborhood, in which the plot is situated, that is predominantly filled with physically outdated multistorey blocks with no aesthetic or architectural value.

The penthouse is a 220sqm apartment. It is split into two areas (day and night times spaces) where the kitchen together with the living room play the role of heart of the domestic life as well as counterpoint to the relaxed atmosphere of the apartment. The kids’ comfortable bedrooms and a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom are grouped in the spacious rear zone of the building. A generous terrace is open to the skyline of the city is equipped for barbeque and outdoor parties.